Imaginary Games, founded in 2009, has produced several mobile applications and released four original mobile games. Space Boss, developed while the company was in a Swedish incubator, placed second in Swedish mobile game awards in 2011. Swing the Bat, published by Chillingo in 2012, is a high score chaser with a look and feel described as a mix of Saul Bass and Hanna Barbara. Their latest release, Afterland has won multiple awards and has been featured and re-featured by Apple and GooglePlay.

Afterland is a free-to-play collectible cardgame, described as a gothic daydream about a traveling carnival of magical misfits crossing the space between life and death. Originally inspired by the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos the art of Elin Jonsson and Chris Powell explores macabre, surreal & expressionistic themes. In 2013, sub-cultures such as Emo (emotional hardcore) and Goth (gothic rock) defined by a particular style of fashion, art and music have rallied around Imaginary Games “gothic” artistic style. The art from Afterland has been shown in magazines such as ImagineFX and Gothic Beauty, and tv-shows such as The Tomorrow People and The Flash.