Will your mobile game be profitable? A question that may seem simple, yet it’s one that actually requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears from Finance teams to answer. This is why we’ve developed a platform that utilises advanced cohort-based forecasting to predict user and revenue growth of your mobile game in just minutes. That’s right, minutes! This means you can make strategic decisions way faster.

Our accuracy is unparalleled, something we’re hella proud of. Not forecasting properly can have serious consequences, like wasted management time, misallocated resources or inefficient marketing budgets. But don’t worry, our team of experts have spent years automating the ability to produce solid reports that not only predict the potential of your game, but also point out potential barriers to growth, so you can focus on the analysis instead of the process.

Ramp, founded in 2019, is a UK-based SaaS platform that empowers top-level, high-performing teams to take tactical decisions for better business. With names like Space Ape, FRVR and Netspeak Games already on our customer list, we’re helping more and more companies make their #FutureKnown.

For more info, please visit rampgrowth.com