Fingersoft is the company behind smash hits Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2. In 2012 the company defined how physics based racing should work on mobile with Hill Climb Racing and refined this formula to near perfection in 2016 with the sequel Hill Climb Racing 2. Fingersoft has also always been eager to help other developers succeed and this is why the company has engaged in publishing for most of it’s existence. In 2017 Fingersoft launched the Round Zero label to sharpen the focus of publishing and make it more data driven. At PGC London we want to talk to indie developers looking for a publishing partner.

Website: http://www.fingersoft.net


Round Zero is Fingersoft’s newly founded publishing label and the result of rigorous brainstorming about how to make life easier for both the publisher and the developers. To achieve this, Round Zero utilizes data and Fingersoft’s 800 million installs to get genuine feedback straight from the player base. The label’s aim is to revolutionize the way publishing is done in the mobile space and offer indie developers and easy way to test their game in it’s early stages. If you have a game in development, talk to our people at the conference to see if we can help you with publishing.

Website: http://www.round-zero.com