The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) works to position Vancouver as a globally recognised city for innovative, creative and sustainable business. We do this by strengthening our Tech, Digital Entertainment and Green Economy sectors through strategic programmes and initiatives that address each stage of the business growth continuum.

When it comes to Digital Entertainment & Interactive (DE&I), these days the buzz is all Vancouver. Why? Because the city has the perfect ecosystem for harnessing digital potential — namely a strong artistic and creative workforce, thriving research and educational support, government incentives, an enviable location and more.

Vancouver is recognized for its wide talent pool, proximity to other global creative hubs, solid industry infrastructure, competitive tax credits, and ability to attract and cultivate top tier talent. DE&I is a term used to describe one collective, impactful industry that includes various screen-based sectors such as, Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation, Film & TV Production, Digital Media, Video Games Development and other Interactive Media who rely on similar infrastructure, talent and technology to create quality content. British Columbia’s Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology pursues strategic opportunities to promote British Columbia internationally as a preferred place to invest and do business. The Ministry delivers services that accelerate British Columbia’s exports, attract strategic investments, develop international partnerships, and increase awareness of B.C.’s competitive advantages.

Trade and Investment Offices based in Vancouver, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, China, Southeast Asia, and the United States create an international network that connects B.C. businesses with new markets and trade opportunities and promotes the province as a stable and attractive destination for investment. As an international centre for console, social, and mobile game production, internet, and app design, British Columbia offers highly skilled talent; comprehensive infrastructure with full studios and equipment; targeted incentives; strategic west coast location; and an exciting, creative atmosphere.

If your business requires innovative companies developing leading-edge business and entertainment technology, British Columbia is where creative evolution is taking off.