As part of the PG Connects experience, you will have full access to a familiar matchmaking and agenda platform. We use MeetToMatch as the platform where you’ll find attendees to meet, and where you’ll keep track of your schedule. It’s available for all registered participants to use in order to arrange meetings during the event, with your choice of integrated video chats for those with digital passes.

The primary objective of PGC is to connect the games industry and this is just one of the many ways we can help you do that.

NOTE: The MeetToMatch platform goes live a couple of weeks before the conference and you will be automatically added to it and notified by email, as long as you have registered for a ticket. It will remain open for a couple of weeks after the event so you can finish up your conversations.


How do I get started with the MeetToMatch platform?

Your ticket to Pocket Gamer Connects includes access to the MeetToMatch platform. If you have registered for a ticket, shortly ahead of the event you will receive a notification by email inviting you to log in and set a password. (If you have a valid ticket but have not received a MeetToMatch notification by the time the event starts, please email the helpdesk.)

Here is a short video that will walk you through getting started.

You will be familiar with MeetToMatch from other events, including the last few Pocket Gamer Connects Digital events. It has an advanced search function and integrated video conferencing. It matches your needs to those of other delegates, and then automatically schedules a conversation with just a couple of clicks in your browser. A calendar view enables you to keep track of your scheduled meetings as well as the talks and panels you’re planning to watch.

It has profile pages to showcase you and your business, so be sure to fill in all your details – right at the start, you’ll need to select a time zone (because the event is international!) and pick a preferred video meeting service. You can use Zoom or Skype or stick to 8×8 which is the default.

You can also add products to your profile, to showcase your games or services.

After you’ve set that up, use the advanced search to find other attendees who match your business interests. When you and a potential contact have agreed to connect, the system will automatically schedule a meeting and allocate a meeting table in the venue. If meeting with a digital ticket holder, then on the day of the meeting, it will generate a video link. Simply click on the link at the allotted time to speak with your new contact (we will try to make some quiet space available in the venue). You can keep track of your meetings using the My Schedule calendar view.

There is more information about all of this below.

When can I access the meeting platform?

We typically turn on the meeting platform about two or three weeks before the event. If you have registered for a ticket, you will be notified by email and sent log-in information.

How do I join?

If you have purchased your conference ticket through our Eventbrite process, your details will be automatically imported into the MeetToMatch platform and you will receive an email notification with the log-in details when the platform is live. You will need this to activate your account.

Please follow the MeetToMatch link in your log-in notification email. You will be taken to a screen where you will first add a password. Then you will be taken to the profile page where you will complete information about yourself. The first things you’ll need to do are select a time zone and a preferred video meeting platform.

You will be able to begin making meetings, which will be diarised for the week of the conference itself.

What do I do if I haven’t received my email notification with my log-in details?

The platform is live and if you’ve registered for a ticket on Eventbrite you should have received a sign-in notification already.

Occasionally, spam filters can hijack genuine emails from us, so please check there. Perhaps you used a personal email account to register in Eventbrite? Please check that too. To help let important Pocket Gamer Connects Digital and MeetToMatch platform emails get through, we suggest you whitelist emails from and

If you are sure you ordered a ticket, and the event is about to start, but the MeetToMatch notification still hasn’t shown up in your inbox, then please email [email protected] with your details and we’ll figure out what’s up.

What information do I need to provide when I log in?

You will need to answer a series of questions about yourself, your company and your interests and needs. The more accurate you can be with these, the more useful the system will be for everyone. Have a photo and a company logo to hand.

It’s mandatory to enter a time zone. We need this so that your meeting calendar works efficiently. The event is international, so letting the platform know where you are in the world is essential, and you won’t be able to proceed until you’ve done that. The talks and panels are broadcast live on UK time (this will be GMT in February), and for those at the venue real-live meetings will be scheduled at a table in one of the meeting zones. However, if you are a digital ticket holder, you can arrange meetings whenever it’s convenient for your local time, but please be aware that a lot of our attendees will be at the venue in London and will be on UK time.

You will also need to select a preferred video conferencing platform, or else 8×8 will be used. Zoom, Google Meet or Skype are your other options. There is more detail below.

By default, your personal contact information (email and phone) is not shared with other attendees.

If you have used MeetToMatch before, perhaps as part of an alternative conference, you can bring import your profile from that previous event providing the platform can identify you from your email.

How do I set up my profile?

Our experience tells us that people are more likely to request or accept meetings with you if they can see a photo and read a little bit about your business. So please do take a few minutes to add details to your personal profile and your company profile.

Above the MeetToMatch dashboard – where you’ll find quick links to your meeting requests and notifications – you’ll see a menu. On the far right is MY PROFILE. Click on that to see your details. We suggest you immediately edit that page to include details about yourself and some words about your company’s goals. You can also upload a logo for your company. It will help people find you.

Please note, some fields are mandatory, including your time zone. It’s important you set this because the system includes a built-in meeting calendar, and you don’t want people booking time with you in the middle of your night. Videoconference links are generated shortly before a call is scheduled to start, and this process is locked to your time zone preferences – please remember if you are attending the conference you will need to set this to UK time.

Then you will need to select a number of tags describing your core business. We strongly suggest you write a short but meaningful description of yourself and your company activities. Experience shows that people are more likely to connect with you if they understand you and your business needs. You can attach product information to your profile too.

At this point, you can add links and images for a project you’re working on or a product you want to showcase.

You will not be able to proceed until you have selected a video conferencing platform. The default is 8×8, but Skype, Google Meet and Zoom are also options. There is more information about this below.

Then you can begin looking for the perfect business partner, using the advanced search functions.

Check out the video in the top section of this FAQ for a taster of this whole process.

Can I add pictures and links to my profile to promote my products and services?

Yes! A new addition for MeetToMatch, available now at Pocket Gamer Connects, is the ability to showcase products on your profile page, making it easier for potential contacts to see what you’re working on. It creates something of a ‘virtual expo’ vibe.

When you set up your profile, you can use the Add New Product button to attach an image, links to an online pitch deck or external website, video and other details, in order to foreground your top projects.

Select MY PROFILE from the MeetToMatch top menu. There’s a familiar “edit” button on the left, but underneath that you’ll also find a button labelled “Add new product.” Click this to go to a page where you can add a project name, a link to its online page, a description of up to 1000 characters, an image and a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video. Images should be 640x320px and under 2MB in size.

This will sit on your profile as a showcase for your project.

Attendees can search for all products at the event under the Explore button on the MeetToMatch dashboard.

Remember to add tags to your products. This will help people find them in the platform because under EXPLORE > PRODUCTS/PROJECTS it is now possible to filter by tags.

Can I use special characters in my profile and company names?

There is no point labelling your company using special characters in an attempt to appear higher up the listings. By default, the MeetToMatch attendee list will be ordered by sign-up date, not company name.

We will regularly edit or remove obvious efforts to ‘game’ the system by including inappropriate or unnecessary characters, images or tags. Promoting yourself artificially high using these methods will just fall foul of our editors. We reserve the right to edit any profile in the platform, and even temporarily remove folk who aren’t playing fair. Please enter information correctly and accurately. Everybody can be found using the platform’s search functions.

We are all in business, of course, and we understand the desire to try clever ways of standing out; but this is a community event for the benefit of all of the industry. If you would like to be featured prominently in any of our activities, please consider a sponsorship package.

What kind of meetings can be arranged?

There are three types of meetings that can be arranged using the MeetToMatch platform and these are as follows:



Once a Live meeting is scheduled, a table number or meeting zone will be allocated inside the venue and you can then meet at the agreed time. Meeting zones are clearly marked and there will be maps available around the venue. These meetings must be held during venue opening hours 8:30 am – 6pm.


Digital to Digital

A digital to digital meeting will take place over your preferred meeting software at the agreed time. There are no time restrictions for these meetings and the meeting system is available all week long.


Digital to Live

A digital to Live meeting is also possible during times when the conference is in full swing and this will take place over your preferred meeting software at the agreed time. We will try to make some quiet space available at the venue to make this easier.

Which time zone do meetings take place in?

Short answer: your time zone. (UK Time for Live meetings)

When you join MeetToMatch and fill in your profile details, one of the mandatory fields is your time zone. That is used to schedule all your meetings.

Assuming you enter that correctly, you should find that if a meeting is scheduled for 1pm tomorrow, that will be 1pm where you are. There is no need to try and convert time zones in your head.

(Please note: talks and panels are broadcast on current UK time. It is possible to schedule content you plan to watch in your personal agenda, and these will appear there, adjusted to your time zone. But here on the main website, all times given are in UK Time/BST/GMT. For instance, a talk broadcast at 11am UK will take place live at 12 noon if you’re in Helsinki.)

NOTE: The meeting system will remain open for the entire week and additional meetings can be planned digitally on these days.

Can I add talks and panels to my agenda as well as meetings?

Yes. In fact, before you seek meetings, you should probably check out all the fantastic content in the conference schedule. A version of it will appear on this site, but if you have a ticket you should look in MeetToMatch when that’s live. You’ll see a menu above the dashboard – hit PROGRAM there to see the interactive list of talks, panels and workshops! This is being constantly updated, so do bookmark it.

Once the conference has begun, this list will contain links to the Zoom talks – these will also be emailed to you. Before then, the Zoom links are not there, but you can see what the session will be about, what track theme it fits under, who the speakers are, and when it takes place. If more information is available about the speaker, you’ll find it by clicking on Details.

If you see something you like, click Add To Agenda, and it’ll immediately land on your calendar (viewable under MY SCHEDULE). The platform will ask you if you are open to receiving meeting requests during that period, and you can choose NO to completely reserve that slot for the talk you want to see, or NO if you are happy to miss that talk if a more exciting meeting comes along.

This way, you can build your schedule for the week which takes into account all the talks, panels, round-tables and meetings you want to have, at the times that suit you. Please note that all talks are broadcast live on Zoom during UK times (8 am to 8 pm UK Time), although the recordings will be available later for those who are not able to watch live.

Can I block out times that I am not available?

The meeting platform is open all day and night, open for participants all around the world. Some of that time, you may be asleep! There are also many things to do – perhaps you want to watch some expert talks, or take part in the Big Indie Pitch. So the first thing you should do is block our areas of your time where you are NOT available to meet.

From the My Schedule menu at the top of your MeetToMatch dashboard, you can see your calendar.

You can click on any half-hour slot and click ‘set to unavailable’. Do this for slots when you do NOT want to have meetings – during the night-time in your region, for instance, or during periods when you know you must be working on something else. This will secure blocks in your Agenda where the platform will not attempt to schedule meetings.

To block out a whole day at a time, click the padlock next to the date.

You can unlock a space by similarly clicking on ‘set to available’.

How do I find people to meet?

Pocket Gamer Connects events are always about connecting people – hence the name! We are expecting some 1,200 professionals from the games industry to join us during conference week, and we’re already well on our way there.

Looking for people to do business with, job opportunities, or valuable industry connections of all sorts? Head to the ATTENDEES link from the top of the dashboard.

Here you’ll immediately see a list of attending companies. By default it will be ordered by sign-up date, so you can easily find companies that have registered with the conference since the last time you looked. You can choose to order the list alphabetically if you prefer: use the drop-down menu.

Now it’s time to search for people. If you’re feeling lucky, enter a quick keyword search, such as a company name, and hit Search. For more options, open Advance Search. Here you can enter more criteria, and filter by company activities, investment opportunities, platform and other factors.

The results will come in the form of company names. Click on a company to visit its page, where you will see a list of attending staff members. If you click on Request A Meeting, you’ll be given the option to select a time slot on your calendar.

You can add a personal message, and then fire it off.

Can I send messages to other attendees?

When you request a meeting with somebody, you can now send up to three messages to each.

You need to request a meeting first of all, and can attach a personal message to that. Messaging will now be active, and you can exchange up to three messages. Once the meeting request is accepted, more messages are possible.

Messaging is disabled after cancelling a request or cancelling a meeting. This is to prevent unwanted spam messages.

The message thread also keeps a record of any changes in the scheduled meetings.

You can disable “receive status updates” in your settings if you don’t want notifications every time there is an incoming message. You will still receive new meeting requests.

Please note: students have limited access and cannot request meetings or initiate message threads.

Why can’t I request any meetings?

Two possible reasons. Firstly, perhaps you’re a student? People on free student tickets cannot contact professional attendees, by default. Other attendees can contact you if they want to find out more about your work. If you’re a student and you want to reach out to any of the professional attendees, the solution is to pay for a pass (check out the registration page on this site).

Secondly, it’s possible you’ve made too many meeting requests in a row that have not yet been answered. Non-students can send unlimited meeting requests, but if you blast a load out with no response from other attendees, the system may pause until your existing requests are accepted or rejected, so that your calendar doesn’t collapse under the weight.

If you’re not a student, and you’ve hardly sent any requests out, but you still can’t arrange meetings, something may need a tweak. Please email [email protected] with your username (email).

How do I hold my meetings? Do I need to use Zoom?

You’ll connect with people one to one at a designated meeting table or zone, or over video or audio conference and you can pick which platform you use. We like Zoom or Skype, there is also Google Meet. MeetToMatch also recommends 8×8 by default. But ultimately it’s up to you. You set a preference when you sign in for the first time.

If you choose Zoom, please note you will need to set a password. If you copy your personal meeting link from Zoom, it should include any password you have set. You are responsible for making sure your Zoom meetings function securely.

If you select Skype, please remember to fill in your Skype ID.

Once a meeting request has been accepted, the system will automatically schedule the meeting in your calendar and suggest a table if both ticket holders are LIVE ticket holders and a link using your preferred platform if your partner is a digital ticket holder. You can use that link to initiate a video chat with your partner at the appointed time.

If you are using the free version of Zoom, you may need to contact your meeting partner directly and offer them your meeting password. If you change your password at any point, you may have to resubmit your personal Zoom meeting link to MeetToMatch and/or to individuals you have communicated with.

You will need a computer with a mic and (ideally) a camera in order to use any of these external services.

During the conference, about 30 minutes before a meeting is due, a link will appear in the meeting slot on your schedule which will enable you to start the meeting. The person who requested the meeting is the “host” and their preferred meeting platform is prioritised. Example: if you reached out, and Skype is your chosen platform, the link in the meeting will be for Skype.

If your meeting is due and you cannot see a link, please check that you have set your time zone and meeting platform correctly.

Where's the link to hold this meeting I've scheduled?

During conference week, 30 minutes before a meeting is due, a link will appear in the meeting slot on your schedule which will enable you to start the meeting.

If it’s not visible yet, it’s too soon. Links appear about 30 minutes before the meeting itself. You might have also confused it if your time zone settings are inaccurate, please check.

The person who requested the meeting is the “host” and their preferred meeting platform is prioritised. So if you reached out, and Skype is your chosen platform, the link in the meeting will be for Skype, and so on.

Can I change my preferred video conferencing platform during the event?

Yes, you can update your preferences to a different video conferencing suite whenever you like.

If you change your default video conferencing platform, this will automatically be updated for all the meetings where you are the host.

If somebody else is the host (if they reached out to you to set the meeting) the platform will default to their choice.

What if I change my ticket type from LIVE to Digital or vice-versa?

If you decide you are no longer able to travel to London and have changed your ticket type from LIVE to a digital ticket, or you have purchased a digital ticket and can now make it to The Brewery to join in the action LIVE at PG Connects – this will dramatically effect all of your meetings that you currently have booked.

However, this can easily be altered for you by simply contacting our dedicated support team at  [email protected].

My colleagues and I somehow seem to be connected to different companies! Can I fix this?

When you registered, you each must have given the company name slightly differently. Or used different email domains. The platform looks at both (the company name you give and your email format) to link people up. Perhaps one of you added LLC to the end and the other didn’t, or one of your wrote Acme Games and the other Acme Studio. Or maybe you both wrote the name right, but one of you registered using a private email account.

Whoever is ‘wrong’ should go into their My Profile area (use the drop down menu at the top right) and change their affiliated company to the correct name. Save, and you should be connected with your colleagues.

If you encounter a problem, please email [email protected] and we can help you fix this.

How can I tell which companies have joined the event since the last time I logged in?

In MeetToMatch by default attendees are listed according to ‘sign-up date’. Look under Attendees, in the top nav bar on your dashboard.

Do I have to reply to every single meeting request?

Ideally. If you’ve filled in your profile appealingly (see above), people will be looking for you! If you receive an invitation to meet, please try to respond quickly, to keep things moving.

People will understand if you reject their request – everybody’s busy, and people appreciate that what they have to offer might not be what you’re looking for.

But if you ignore meeting requests, you’ll keep them hanging on while they’re trying to plan their week. So when you receive a notification, please do dive in and accept or reject meeting requests as often as you can. It keeps the momentum going.

How long is it open?

We open the platform a couple of weeks before the event and close it a couple of weeks afterwards.

The event itself runs for a week, Live at the Brewery on 14 & 15 and the digitally until 18th, which is when actual video meetings will be scheduled. During the event itself, the meeting platform will be open all day (to cater for international time zones). This is to help focus everyone’s attention and time.

As with our conferences, we will leave the meeting platform open for a couple of weeks after the event itself, so you can download your schedule or finish up conversations you’re already having. During this period, you will not be able to make any more matches or automate any more meetings.

What happens to my calendar if daylight-saving time comes into effect in my region?

If you have requested a meeting at 3pm, it will stay at 3pm in your calendar. If somebody else is the host of the meeting, it will stay at 3pm in their calendar, so your calendar will adjust by an hour to match theirs.

In essence, the meeting platform calculates the agenda based on the time the original person wanted to arrange the meeting and tries to preserve this for the host regardless of changes to local daylight-saving times around the planet.

Please be aware that the talks and panels take place on UK time and if your local timezone changes when the UK’s does not  you will find that many programmed activities now seem an hour different on your personal calendar – please check MY SCHEDULE and be aware.

How do I get technical support?

If you have any queries, please email [email protected]. This email is operated by the Pocket Gamer Connects team.

There is also a Helpdesk! channel in our Discord (during the event you will find a link in MeetToMatch labelled DISCORD GROUP).

There are more general MeetToMatch tips at

Please note, this is a global event, so you may be on a different time zone to the relevant team member. Although we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible, technical support might not be available solidly through 24 hours. Most of our staff are in Europe, so please allow a few hours for a reply, especially if you are contacting us from far away. We will definitely help you as fast as we can, but even we have to sleep sometimes.

Some of your questions about how to get started may be covered in the onboarding video in the top section of this FAQ.

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us at [email protected]